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Portugal and all EU members - Taxes & Laws


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Quite the same way as Sweden, but different taxes

Until 30-06-2010:
VAT (IVA in portuguese) 5%, 12%, 20% when selling to Portuguese customers.
Since 01-07-2010:
VAT (IVA in portuguese) 5%, 12%, 21% when selling to Portuguese customers.


Selling to EU countries = VAT as above. If selling to business partner, the VAT can omitt, if the VAT number (Portuguese NIF) is given.

My doubt is when selling to non EU countries = no VAT?!

Page 74 to 96

But I think here is what you realy are searching for:

and here:

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It is mandatory to have an application for extracting SAF-T in both billing and accounting.

SAF-T-PT (Standard Audit File for Tax Purposes - Portuguese version) is a file format (XML format) in order to enable easy export, and at any time, from a predefined set of records in a readable format and common, regardless of software used without affecting the internal structure of the database program or its functionality. The adoption of this model gives companies a tool to meet the requirements for obtaining information of inspection and facilitate their treatment, avoiding the need for specialization of auditors in different systems, simplifying procedures and encouraging the use of new technologies.

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Yap, when portugal sells to other country other then his, the transactions has to be without VAT.

When selling to euro contries it's called: IntraComunitário
When selling to outside of the europe, it's called: ExtraComunitário

But the same aplies to other countries.

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