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How do I configure for Canadian Taxes

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i'm just new at prestashop, i have used zencart for other shopping carts and setting up Canada taxes was simple as they showed us how to do so




After reading up on canada taxes from other its seems not that simple..


Can anyone shed some light on how to do this, as I had to use prestashop as the other e-commerce multilanguge support wasn't that great..(but i really like how this program looks and feels)

But now need help setting up taxes.. 




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Before you dive into setting up the taxes, I would suggest you document what the tax rules would be. 


Are you charging the same tax rate to everyone?  If not, what rates do you collect (4%, 7%, 5% etc...).  Do you collect taxes at a postal code level, at county, state, region level etc...


Once you define your rules, then we can discuss setup.

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Did you ever get this sorted? Setting up Prestashop for Canadian taxes is very easy and can be done in less than 15 minutes. Let me know if you are still having questions. This thread is a couple of weeks old.


Hi Bill, I am a new prestashop user/installer. I am having hell of a time setting up taxes. Wondering if you would be able to help?

I am in Ontario Canada and would like to charge 13% for Ontario and the proper taxes for the other provinces. I guess because I am in Canada I wouldn't have to charge taxes to any USA buyers?


I have read some of the forums here but can't seem to figure it out. I am also on the latest version of Prestashop.


Your help would be greatly appreciated!

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Thanks Bill!

I plan to use Canada post for shipping. I see there is no Canada Post module for the new version of presta shop.


I would love to setup my taxes the way you described. I have been struggling with that for about 3 days now.


I guess I need help.

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The reason I'm asking about shipping is there are a couple of related things with taxes.


So you don't plan to offer free shipping or flat rate shipping?


You are going to install a Canada Post module that connects with Canada Post for live rates. And if so you'll be using a weight based calculation for shipping, not based on the amount of sale ...

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I can offer free shipping but I would want it to be free shipping if customer spends minimum $50


And that would be free shipping in Canada only.


USA customers would have to pay a fee for shipping.


Does that make sense?

Flat rate shipping works good for me.

I was thinking $20 flat rate shipping

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Couple of things we should check first,

Customers >  Groups >  Edit


Make sure the above is set as Price display method Tax excluded. Do the same for all groups


Make sure you have a CAD currency, if not add one.

Localization >  Currencies

If you need to add a CAD currency call it CAD the ISO is CAD and the Numeric ISO code is 124

Exchange rate is 1. 00 (it may add more zero’s but that is ok)

Currency format: X0,000.00 (as with dollars)

Spacing No

Enable Yes


Now we move on to,

Localization >  Zones

You should already have a North America Zone, but you will also need to Create 4 new Zones. The reason for this will make it easier to setup free shipping and carriers with different tax zones.

I call mine,

HST 13%
HST 14%
HST 15%


I only want customers to choose the USA or Canada during checkout so next we should got to

Localization >  Countries

If you click on the very top left check box beside ID all country's will be selected. You can then use the selector drop down box at the bottom of your left screen to disable all countries. Then you just need to reactivate USA and Canada.

While we are here edit Canada and change its Zone to Canada and make sure Display tax label is set to no.

Default currency CAD



Let me know how you get along with that part.

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Did you ever get this sorted? Setting up Prestashop for Canadian taxes is very easy and can be done in less than 15 minutes. Let me know if you are still having questions. This thread is a couple of weeks old.

I suggest you to use FedEx, I posted the procedure in the past, but I can't remember myself right now... I'd have to search in my posts...

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Next Step: (this is the step that could be more intuitive, so please read carefully)

In Localization >  Tax Rules

Click the add new button on the right. Call it Canada and make sure it is enabled. When you save the rule, make sure you are still in Localization >  Tax Rules and that you can see the new rule you just created called "Canada".

On the right if the rule is enabled you will see a green check mark, and beside that you will see an edit button. Click on the edit button.

At this point you should see a green button on your right "Add a new tax rule". Click that button. In the country dropdown box choose Canada.

Then Choose Alberta
Set Behavior to "This tax only"
In the tax drop down, choose GST

Now, right below that is a white button, click save and stay.


Repeat the above for the addition 12 provinces and territories. But set the appropriate tax for each.


When you are done you will have one tax rule called Canada, and inside that rule each part of Canada will be set with the proper tax.


You can now set a product or add a new product and set the tax rule of that product to Canada. You can then add the product to a shopping cart and you should see the tax change to match the province. Choose different provinces and the tax will change as well.

Let me know when you have this part done and we'll get into setting up your carriers and why free shipping doesn’t play nice with Canadian taxes, and what you can do about that. Some of what you did in the first step will come into play.

Edited by Bill Dalton (see edit history)
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I'd like to thank Bill for this guide. It's be great. As a bit of help I'll paste this in for the tax rates for the Provinces. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sales_taxes_in_Canada

I followed description at Wikipedia and set those tax rules - www.presta-addons.com/pdf/Canada Tax Rules.jpg.


Then I created a new template to display separate Canadian taxes, an example is at www.presta-addons.com/pdf/Invoice - Quebec taxes.pdf.


Can you someone confirm that the invoice comply with Canadian law?

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Hi Prestashop experts!


I'm trying to figure this one out but need some help. I'm selling a book, among other items. I want to make a tax setup that has the proper tax amounts for each province (which will apply to all items) but also have any Book items reflect the 'Point of Sale Rebate on Books' offered by participating provinces (no PST on books).


can I make one tax rule that I can apply to my book items?


I tried this setup and it worked fine for all items but the books. On the books I applied this special tax rule I wrote, but the total after tax is the same as without tax (no increase).


Please help.Taxes.jpgStandard%20Tax%20RULE.jpgPOS%20Rebate%20RULE.jpg

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Oh and cedricfontaine while I've got your attention, I've jumped through some hoops and got the 2 GA modules set up with 2 green lights on the OAuth 2.0, is there anything I need to do to Google Analytics? I followed the following instructions:


First set up a Goal called "Order Process"
Goal type: URL destination
Match type: Regular Expression match
Goal URL: /order-confirmation\.php
(assuming the Prestashop installation is in the root of your domain, if not, i.e. say if it is in a folder called shop then goal URL would be /shop/order-confirmation\.php)
Then add 6 funnel steps and for the URL and Name enter:
Step 1 /product.php Product page
Step 2 /order/step0.html Cart view
Step 3 /authentication.php Authentication
Step 4 /order/step1.html Address
Step 5 /order/step2.html Shipping
Step 6 /order/step3.html Payment
(again these URLs assume your installation is in the root of the domain, if not change paths accordingly). Make sure Step 1 "Required URL" is not checked. You can also name the steps whatever you want


Are these right? and is there anything else that I need to use the Prestashop modules to their full potential in GA?

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I have only 2 tax rules. which I've shown yin the second and third images. The first one is the one that came standard with the Canada localization pack and the second one has the country and provinces in it.


Yes. I activated the other GA module as well.

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