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[Solved Bug] Synchronisation of product Quantity does not work anymore version of PrestaShop 1.5.6.x


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Hi everyone, 
If you are using the last version of PrestaShop (1.5.6.X) with the eBay module, you may be facing the following problem. 
The eBay module do not synchronize the stock in real time. So it can arrive that you have a stock equals to zero in PrestaShop but still one in eBay. 

The problem being located into PrestaShop's Core, the 202 team, together with PrestaShop, propose you to install the override enclosed in the folder : /override/classes/Stock/StockAvailable.php
Beware : once the override added to PrestaShop, don't forget to rename the file /cache/cache_index.php to let PrestaShop recreate it and be aware of the new overrides. 
This override is only useful for version 1.5.6.X of PrestaShop and should not be used for a former or later version of PrestaShop.
You will also need to upgrade your module to the version 1.6.4 (available on the 12th of February on addons)


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I use the cloud version of Prestashop which is  and funny enough I have encountered the same problem today when I have tried to synchronise for the first time my products with the ebay module.


The system tells me that there are 0 products to register and sell on ebay. Any idea why this is occuring.


Contacted ebay who told me to contact Prestashop and I am now sitting like a duck for their reply.


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This is turning into a not very funny joke now. If I change the quantity to 10 in PS, nothing happens on eBay. If I change the quantity back to 1, it changes to 10!!

This module is seriously risking our eBay ratings and needs to be sorted out. PS version I have installed the latest version of eBay and used the attached override.

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In previous faqs you wrote:

When I import my products to PrestaShop via csv, via a module or directly through phpMyAdmin these products are not listed on eBay. Why? 

Synchronization with eBay happens only in the following cases:
- When you click "Sync" in the “eBay sync” tab in the module
- When you add / edit / delete a product via the PrestaShop product page and this product is in a category that is synchronized with eBay
- When a product sells on PrestaShop
- When a product sells on eBay (paid eBay orders are automatically imported every 30 minutes).

Does the new version (1.10) update products when changes are made directly in the DB?


Thank you 

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The problem I am having is that the module keeps re-listing items which are sold out! For example. I had a wallet for sale, which had the initial quantity of 6. These then sold out. The module then re-listed the product with a quantity of 6!!! What is going on??

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Have you tried contacting 202? I have and they are looking into it on my site. No news yet though... I have also discovered that if I go into the product details in the back office and click the "save" button, the item is removed / reduced to zero on eBay. It just doesn't get reduced or removed when an order is placed, or through the autosave feature on the product pages.


Also, as this bug clearly isn't "Solved", how do we change the thread status?

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