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[solved] Help, lost connection?


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I was trying to migrate a (prestashop philippejse dot nu -> philippejse dot dk) using this guide:



It certainly didn't work and now that I try to make everything the way it was, I seem to have lost something in the original shop??! When I reactivate the shop, it says ' the page doesn't show' everywhere. i can't enter any pages in the site. i can still see the background, topmenu and header, but nothing works? What did I do????


not to mention I'm nowhere near having solved the issue of migrating the site to the new domain. 


Please, I hope someone can guide me in the right direction with this as I have been struggling for hours now.


i have deactivated the shop while I work on this. Tell me if I need to do something to let you have a look.




(I did remember to change the URL back to the original domain in SEO/URL and I checked that I still have the correct db name and passwords in the settings file)

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I'm so sorry Benjamin, but now it seems I have wasted your time. i did the backup again for the 117th time and this time it actually works. So now the shop is up again. Still in the wrong domain, but that's a different topic, so I'll mark this one solved and open another topic for the migration.


Thanks for being to fast at replying. I don't know what happened. I've really been struggling with this for hours on end and now there's no issues with the existing site. Crazy....

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