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Luxembourg - Taxes & Laws


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Here are the taxes and laws for an e-commerce located in Luxembourg. If by any chance I forgot to add something or did a mistake do not hesitate to contact me.


Products > 15%
Food, books, magazines music etc. > 3%
Delivery > 15%

* Businesses and individuals outside of E.U. do not pay taxes.

* Businesses in the E.U. do not pay taxes if a valid and verified VAT number is provided.

* Private costumers pay the above stated taxes.

!!! Important !!!

I've noticed that nobody talk about this important point:
When selling to France, if your turnover is over 100'000 EUR, the above amount is subject to french VAT!
When selling to Belgium, if your turnover is over 20'000 EUR (if I recall right), the above amount is subject to belgium VAT!

I'm pretty sure this counts for other countries within the E.U. too.
And you may have heard already, in 2012 all the VAT policies in the E.U. will change. ;o)


Each shop selling goods or services online, must (display):

* secure private data
* return policies
* buyer/seller agreement / (Conditions générales de vente)
* Legal Information - VAT number; registered business number; legal identity,
* a valid postal address, a valid phone number, and a valid email address
* the opening hours and days for physical or phone costumer service
* in which language the buyer may make an order
* how a costumer can make an order; the steps he/she has to do in order to make an order
* make sure that the buyer/seller agreement and the return policies must be accepted by the costumer before making an order
* the products/services must be clearly titled and described.
* the currency must be displayed
* delivery costs must be described and stated
* the displayed product price must be "all taxes included"
* total costs must be clearly displayed; taxes, delivery, product price, etc.
* how long the offer are valid
* how long it takes to deliver the goods/services
* which countries the business delivers to
* warranty policies
* payment policies and available payment methods
* conditions to make an order: 1. first click to accept buyer/seller agreement; 2. second click to accept order
* The costumer has 7 days to return the purchase starting the delivery day without giving any reasons.
* The costumer has 30 days to return the purchase starting the delivery day without giving any reasons if the online shop hasn't confirmed the order within a given time.
* An invoice must be sent to each costumer. Invoices must include detailed information related to products, the order, the online shop and the company.

The above points have to be applied in order to have an ecommerce in Luxembourg.

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