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Shipping costs per weight of each product


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I need to customize the cart (maybe the carrier module, too) and I'm struggling to figure out how to do that. I hope someone can help.


Here's the problem: I have many voluminous products in my catalog, so I need to ship them in separate boxes. The carrier obviously calculates the shipping cost by the weight range of each product (they also have different shipping rates for different destinations).

I thought that PS could do that, so I set the prices for each weight range, but then I realized it uses the cart total weight instead, so the result is not the same.


As I looked for a solution in the forum, I found this old topic that seemed to work in older versions of PS:


I'm using Prestashop


Does anybody know how to solve this problem?



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You will need to develop custom shipping module and use getPackageShippingCost() or getOrderShippingCost() method to calculate shipping cost for each product and get the total shipping cost

But I guess it will be better to use getPackageShippingCost() method, because this method already have a parameter (in the 3rd parameter) which containing all products data within the existing cart.


 * @param object $cart An existing object cart
 * @param float $shipping_cost The previous shipping cost which has been calculated for the cart
 * @param array $products List of product concerned by the shipping
public function getPackageShippingCost($cart, $shipping_cost, $products)
      // Do shipping calculation here


You can calculate shipping cost for each product according to its weight, but you can not use different shipping address for 1 object cart, because object cart can only hold 1 shipping address

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