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i think they are only used for comparing the prices between many websites. as far as i know it is legal. you can take the example of yahoo shopping which compares the price between many websites in order to get the best price.

imagine you use keywords like yahoo,google,prestashop on your own website ? do you think it would be good if prestashop,yahoo sued you on this.

just my thoughts

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Hi there.
Nothing much to do about this. :)
Maybe a request to bing might solve it?

Really noone that used your name illegaly

When Bing crawled GetPrice (04.oct.2009), your "paid ad" was there on the page with other sites..

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Hi Suraj

I do not mind being on a comparitive web site IF MY web site was on reference,
in fact I would appreciate it!!

they are using MY web site name and setting the traffic to another web site which is selling in China.

So I think you might not have understand correctly my question.

Hi KAH999

I will try contacting BING, (!) only found where to send to if it was adult content complaint...


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When i click on your ad on the old Bing-chased page, it transfer me to your nice page. :)

It's not any bad ethics going on there.
No need to "Attack" Getprice or Yesstyle.. ;)
It's just a search-engine-thing doing it's job..

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