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tinyMCE: change standard font, fontsize and fontcolor


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Good morning


Using PS Default theme


It depends which text you want to change, it is true that most of the "Text" colour/size comes from global.css but in different places in the global.css file,  it may also be defined in a particular Module.


For instance, to change the Product Description (more info tabs) you need to go to:


public_html/Your Shop/themes/default/css/global.css


And around line 650 you will see: (add this code)


#more_info_sheets {padding-top:10px; color:#c20000}
#more_info_sheets ul,
#more_info_sheets ol,
#more_info_sheets dl {margin-left:20px}
#more_info_sheets em {font-style:italic}
To change the Short description on the product page go to:
public_html/Your Store/themes/default/css/product.css
And around line 147 you will see:
#pb-left-column #short_description_block {
color:#c20000;  (Change this colour)
font-size:16px;  (Add this code)
You may also find that you have to use the !important modifier for changes to take place
Now, whatever you type in TinyMC the output should be Red 16px text
Hope this helps
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Indeed Vekia, if that is possible.


The option from Paulito can also work, but the problem with that is being limited. It's always that style, and no other, if I'm correct. So I would prefer the option to be able to change and choose the style, which is what vekia means.

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