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Getting information from PrestaShop


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HI all,


I need to send an e-mail to all customers who purchased a specific product. How do I get this information from Prestashop, I need to extract


[selected Product] -> Order Ref - First Name - Surname - E-mail address - Purchase date - Country


I know this needs to be done from myPHP the SQL query screen, but not sure how to write the query.


All help would be greatly appreciated.

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OK I managed to do this by connecting connecting my store database (local environment of course) to MS Access. To do this;


1. Install MySQL ODBC 5.X driver 32/64bit (depending on you're version of Access not OS)  from here

2. Follow this video tutorial on how to connect MS Access to MySQL database

3. Create a standard query in MS Access to get your data!

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Try to do something like this linking ps_orders, ps_customers and ps_order detail to get the product you wanna filter.



select od.* , o.*, c.*
from ps_order_detail od
join ps_orders o  on od.id_order = o.id_order
join ps_customer c on o.id_customer = c.id_customer
where od.product_id = ?
YOu need to customize the select to get the fields you are interested in, and of course change the question mark with the id of the product you are going to filter with.
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