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Payment gateway module not showing on front end


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I have same problems.

I uploaded, installed and configured Allied Wallet and Skrill on my shop.

And I hooked Skrill into payment position and payment return position.

I hooked Allied Wallet into payment position but I could not hook it into payment return position because whenever I tried to hook it into payment return, I had a error message.


Any way, those two payment methods do not appear on my check out page.


My prestashop version is, my allied wallet version is 1.3.1, and my Skrill/Money booker version is 1.6.4


If anyone knows how to fix it, please tell me how to do.


Thanks in advance.

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am also having same issue, i have payment modules provided by service provider like CCAVENUE and PayUmoney. Both Installed and configured Perfectly. but its not showing in Customer Payment Page. No Error's No Logs.


I cannot place order admin side using this payment gateway also its redirecting to blank page

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I have installed the following


1.Payment by cheque




3.Cash on delivery


I have given all permissions of countries , Users , products to all the above. However none of the payment options are visible when I try to purchase a product. The payment gateway 5 page method works fine with all pages loading and the final page shows the total amount with the taxes but no payment option visible  as it used to before.

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to add to the above post

I have the following enabled 

public $display_column_left = true;


in all my payment plugins and also they are hooked to the following

1. displayPayment

2. displayPaymentEU

3. displayPaymentReturn


I think there is no left and right column enabled on my payment page. there seems to be just the center column.

Also i tried to open the global.css to change the width of the column to see if that helped . However it was such a lengthy code that i didnt know where to add the following

body#order #center_column {width:500px;}

body#order #right_column {width:500px;}
body#order #left_column {display:none;} 


what changes should i make and how should i make .Please explain in detail . Many users seem to have this issue.

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When i m using paypal and payumoney together then payumoney not working correctly.


for example. a product of amount USD $100. when i m trying to pay via paypal then it shows $100 to pay but when i m trying to pay via payumoney then it display INR 100/- .


If this will happened then i will go in big LOSS.

 So please tell me how can i fix this issue.



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