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Get price ranges via web service


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Is there anyway using the webservice of Prestashop to get the full list of prices for a given product AND updating them?


I am only looking for the fixed price reductions (buy X at Y price) and not the percentage reductions.


Basically I want to get and set the contents of the ps_specific_price DB table.


I know I can get the price with a given discount applied using ?price[...] on a specific product as detailed here: http://doc.prestashop.com/display/PS15/Chapter+10+-+Price+management


But i want the full list of price "breaks" as we call them for a given product .


Much more importantly, i need to be able to add a new price break via the web service - can this be done?


Many thanks


This is actually with PS 1.4 as I am putting off updating my theme for 1.5.

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