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Mysterious confirmation page. Possibly a portal to another dimension.


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When I checkout on my store using authorize.net I am shown a confirmation page. But I cannot find the page that actually controls it. According to the developer of the authorize.net module the confirmation page is here:




I have changed that page, emptied that page, completely deleted it. I even tried deleting the order-confirmation.tpl page from my template. 


I have all of the caches turned off. And in debug mode. I have clicked on the clear cache and stuff button many many times. Force compile setting on. I deleted the cache folder in my theme. I deleted cache/class_index.php. I manually deleted the contents of cache/smarty/compile and cache/smarty/cache


But it is always there. I cannot change it. I cannot get it to go away, unless I exit before it is called. 


It is redirecting to this page once the validation is complete.




I have tried to search the entire code base for things in the source of the displayed confirmation page, and I cannot find any hidden files.


It could be magic. Maybe it is aliens trying to contact us. Or maybe I am just missing something.


Any help would be great! Even just additional trouble shooting ideas.

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So I have disabled the theme I am using, so this is not using the default template.


It appears that prestashop may be using two files for this page. /theme/default/order-confirmation.tpl and then the confirmation page from the payment module that has been used. I am unable to confirm this, because I cannot get a confirmation page change to show up.


I am unable to change the confirmation page for the cheque module either.

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