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Remove white space and characters from URL in smarty.


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I am getting some special characters in URL and want to know how to remove them.




Following is my php function using urlencode and try different possibilities but no result.


public function hookExtraLeft($params)
global $smarty, $cookie, $link;
$id_product = Tools::getValue('id_product');
if (isset($id_product) && $id_product != '')
$product_infos = $this->context->controller->getProduct();
'product_link' => urlencode($link->getProductLink($product_infos)),
'product_title' => urlencode($product_infos->name),
return $this->display(__FILE__, 'blocksharefb.tpl');
} else {
return '';

This is in module "blocksharefb".


Any idea?



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