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Conditional Combinations (Options)


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I am facing particular problem that I need Conditional Combinations (if that is named correctly).


Details in short:

Let's say I sell T-shirts in White, Black, Grey, Red, Green, Blue and plenty other colors. The sizes can be S, M, L, XL. 

All colors except White and Black are currently available in S, M and L sizes.

White and Black colors are available in all sizes (S, M, L, XL).


So what I need is that when customer chooses size XL, then the only color options displayed should be White and Black and not all of the colors.

And vice versa, when customer choose any color except White and Black, available choices of sizes should be S, M and L (not including XL). 


This is not real-life example, but my real life products are really similar to this example. It is very annoying when you have many colors and any particular size is available only in few of the colors.



Does anybody know the solution to this problem? Is there any module (free or paid) available that could solve this? 

Could anybody code the solution?

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I want to do the same and as I see it as there is not even a relational condition one can set ... so that IF customer chooses Attribute :a then link it to attribute :b


That would have allowed for a solution .


I also have a combination of quantity , like a 5 pack & 4 Pack where you choose 2 colors for adult and 2 for youth .


I think I will have to make Packs vs product . In the Pack I will then add 4 - 5 - 7 then the generator workd .


You can't even generate combinations ... and then add different ones which would also sove the problem , but no it removes previously set combos if you create new ones and try remove the old ones from NEWLY generated combos ( could have made it conditional via gui then )


O well

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