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Image Captions different than Product Name? PS


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I was wondering if anybody could have any idea that can be of help.


The problem is the following:

When I put a name of a product then this name is automatically copied as the caption of the image of the product. i.e. image caption=product name


As far as I understand it, the caption of the image is used like the ALT derscription of the image and this ALT description is the one that are used by the image search engines for their results.

I would like to have different name of the product, lets say the name will be a catalog code name like BA115F and at the caption I want to use other name (more descriptive) like basket for bicycles. i.e. image caption different than product name


Is this possible?


If it is not possible though the back office, is there any knowledge if this is achievable thought mysql, meaning changing the appropriate cell at mysql database without risking damaging the database?


Thank you

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Dear Ciseur, unfortunately this applies to Prestashop 1.5 and not 1.4. BTW in PS 1.5 as I see the Caption description have been replaced with Legend. The problem described in my question still remains at the new PS version.

The idea is to present the product with a product code BA115F and at the caption/legend which serves like an ALT description to use other name (more descriptive) like basket for bicycles which is better for SEO.


Although thank you for dropping a line.

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To select a custom legend (alt text) to a product image simply fill the "Legend" field when you upload your image :


If your theme use the right value as alt attribute, each image got a custom alt value.

There is a problem in my installation PS ver., that after I upload another image, it rewrtes a Legend of all images already uploaded, so they have the same name. I want a different name for each image. Any solutions?

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Similar problem here but the problem occurs on google sitemap. I just realized I have been wasting 10s of hours writing descriptive alts in the back end and they're not even in the sitemap.


Actually I am getting the image alt I want from the backend 'legend' section but there is STILL a problem in the sitemap as the sitemap generates the 'title' of the image as the product name.


The sitemap generated from gsitemap.php - and the line with the problem seems to be 


'title_img' => htmlspecialchars(strip_tags($product->name)),


As the product title is already mentioned in the sitemap, and there is no image alt field in the sitemap, only image title, I am assuming that this should be the 'legend' which I have so carfully included on every photo in the back-end in vain.


As I know nothing about databases, can someone please tell me what I should change my php to (this line) to point to the alt/legend image title field?




How the hell get gsitemap to display not just the cover photo of each product but all the images? I see there's a module on this but I can't go to the hassle of intalling a module (risk of patchy disaster from my experience) just for a few lines of code in gsitemaps... HELP anyone?

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Hello, I have the same issue with prestashop 1.6.1 and would very much like to know where to go in the DB to put the right code so that the image ALT corresponds to the caption we entered in the back office, and not the current product description, which is too long and not good for SEO and the images being properly indexed by Google.

Could also someone give me the right code to add?


Also, the sitemap only indexes the main image for each product, and not each one of them. Has anyone found a solution ?

Thank you very much in advance...

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From the database structure point of view, it is possible to populate a different caption for the images associated to a given products. Basecally, when the field is empty, Prestashop uses the product name. Unfortunately, there is no built-in capability in Prestashop for that. You would need a module.

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