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Display radio button in BO configuration module


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Hi guys,


I tried to display a radio button in BO with cms pages id as values,


I tried this code but only the radio  label  is displayed.

 $default_lang = (int)Configuration::get('PS_LANG_DEFAULT');
     $id_lang = (int)Context::getContext()->language->id;
    $categories = $this->getCMSCategories(false, 1, (int)$id_lang);
    $options = array();
    foreach ($categories as $category)
    	$pages = $this->getCMSPages((int)$category['id_cms_category'], false, (int)$id_lang);
    	foreach ($pages as $page){
    		$radioelement =array(
    				'id' => 'id_cms'.(int)$page['id_cms'],
    				'value' => (int)$page['id_cms'],
    				'label' => $page['meta_title']
    	$options[]	= $radioelement;
    //$spacer = str_repeat(' ', $this->spacer_size * (int)$depth);
    $fields_form[0]['form'] = array(
    		'legend' => array(
    				'title' => $this->l('Settings'),
    		'input' => array(
    						'type' => 'text',
    						'label' => $this->l('Nombre de caractères'),
    						'name' => 'nb_chars',
    						'size' => 20,
    						'required' => true
    				'type' => 'radio',
    				'label' => $this->l('choose a cms page'),
    				'name' => 'id_cms',
    				'class' => 't',
    				 'values' => $options,
    				'is_bool' => true,
    				'required' => true
    		'submit' => array(
    				'title' => $this->l('Save'),
    				'class' => 'button',

Thanks in advance.

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I solved a part of the problem, the radio button is displayed

i changed
$categories = $this->getCMSCategories(false, 1, (int)$id_lang); to
$categories = $this->getCMSCategories(false, 0, (int)$id_lang);


but i get a smarty  error

Notice: Undefined index: nb_chars in /var/www/presta/cache/smarty/compile/7d2a4e588611a8a1dd049f82d14a4ae0b20fe990.file.form.tpl.php on line 228

nb_chars is the name of the input text, what should i modify?


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  • 7 years later...

7 years later but, do you put your nb_cars into your getConfigFormValues()? It return an array to load saved config, and for load your tpl, you should configure all your input value (even it's the first time, it will be null or whatever). If you don't, smarty will not reconized this variable because you don't send it from getContent().

If you have any question, you can ask or check here: http://doc.prestashop.com/display/PS16/Using+the+HelperForm+class


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