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Over the 1000 titels are wrong!


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Sorry for my bad english!


But i have a problem. I have a dutch shop. Prestashop 1.5.1.
When i started i only used the dutch translations. And i disabled the English language.

I have over the 1600 products in my shop and many products use the same price/attributs and so on, so i duplicate the previous product when i add new ones.
But i don't know that the english name also was required, when i don't use the english language!

So i have now 1600 products, with good dutch names, but the english names are multiple time the same name! So when i have a product: I Pod 5 GB, i've 50 products with that name! But that are all differtent products offcourse..


How can i change the english names all together? All the products must have the dutch names, also on the english side of the shop.

Can i do that in one time, in the database?



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Please, can someone help?


In the databse i see ps_product_lang.


And there are all the products, per product_ID 2 rules.
Rule 1 is for the id_lang 1 (english) and rule 2 is for the id_lang 7 (netherlands).

Now i want to copy from rule 2 the link_rewrite and the 'name' field.
And to past that in rule 1.


and that 1600 times...

Hoe can i do this?



Or, another solution maybe?
In .php or .tpl files (i don't know where) edit that the name and de link rewrite must use always the netherlands id_lang 7 on the frontend.

Then it is still wrong in the database, but it shows good in the frontend.


Because there is no problem in the back office.


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