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Slovakia - Taxes


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VAT in Slovakia is 19%. For some products (medicines, books, medical devices, etc..) VAT is 10%. This also applies to the EU. Outside the EU, goods are exempt from tax.
Trade goods between EU partners registered for VAT goods are not charged tax.
For these purposes, the current version of PrestaShop is fully compatibile with the regulations of the Slovak Republic.

For tax purposes, in PrestaShop is inconvenient invoice, because it must contain:

Date of Issuance
Date of delivery
Due Date

For freelancers and companies invoice must still include:

Company Registration Number
VAT identification number

Other elements are compatibile.

The Law on VAT verbatim writes the invoice must contain:

a) the name and address of the residence, place of business or establishment payer who supplies goods or services, and tax identification number,

B) the name and address of the residence, place of business or establishment or residence of the recipient of goods or services and its tax identification number, if it is assigned,

c) the serial number of the invoice

d) the date when the goods or services delivered or the date when payment was received under paragraph 1 if that date can be determined and differs from the date of issue;

e) the date of issue;

f) the quantity and type of goods supplied or the extent and type of service delivered,

g) the tax base, the unit price, excluding tax and discounts and rebates, if not contained in the unit price,

h) the tax rate or an indication of the exemption,

i) the total amount of taxes in euros.

I suppose the problem is similar in other EU countries, because we often have corporate customers.

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