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One account - a mupltiple wish list


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i am new in Prestashop,can u help me please to develope this:

each user has a page Family Members - which just stores informarion like a name for each f. member.

And each f.m. has a wishlist. 

So the module should create a page for each user,where user can add or delete f.member. 

What does f.m. do: it has a wishlist. So each f.m. can store items. But it is not a different user names, it is 1 account which controls all family members.

Thank you.

Hope i explained clearly

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you need some kind of custom development, unfortunately it will not be as easy as it seems, if you haven't got smarty / php / database skills it will be very hard.

if i were you, i will post it in the Job Offers section,

i fear that no-one will develop this for free because this feature needs a lot of customization / code

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