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Group Restriction Payment Module OPC PS 1.4.11


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i have a little problem about group restriction payment :


i unselected a payment module for a special group in the BO (group no. 2).

But the module always showing ( also if i not logged or the user is in default group)


if this not working with the BO: is not a problem, but how can i switch the module showing / not showing in the code? 


the first requirement is: if the User logged in or registered and is in the group 2 let me show the special payment module, for all other situations dont show.


i try with 


function hookPayment($params)
        global $smarty;
        if ($this->context->customer->id_default_group == '2' && !this->active)
   return ;
but dont works


the second requirement is: if the user take 3 orders, put the user from default grup to the group 2 automaticly.

For this i found something:




Is this the right way for 1.4.11?


Thanks for help

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