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Center of download in website


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I try to develop this idea: Build a center of download in my  website. 
- The customer choose the product from a list 
- By clicking on the Booton 
- A download link will be displayed
I created a page dow.tpl, DowController php and dow.php
*) In the dow.tpl :
the liste with <select>
the booton with  
<input type="button" id="SubmitValider" name="SubmitValider"  value="Valider">

the action :

<form action="notice.php" method="post">


*) In the dow.php :

I connect the DowController and dow.tpl


*) In the DowController:

public function initContent()
//code  when i clik the booton
IF  ($_POST['SubmitValider']==1){
        echo "hello";
//but not working

I do not know if my reasoning is correct or not ...Thank you in advance for guiding me to solve this idea


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thanks Vekia, I found this link which helps me a little:


I found this link which helps me a little to get the select variables.

But i dont any idea to sreach the file (PDF or exe) to downolad ? 


the dow.tpl:

{capture name=path}{l s='Recherche'}{/capture}
{include file="$tpl_dir./breadcrumb.tpl"}
<h1>{l s='Recherche'}</h1>
 <script type= "text/javascript" src = "listesouscategory.js"></script>
<!-- on créé le formulaire php , passage de paramètres par la méthode post-->
<form action="dow.php" method="post">
<p>   Bienvenue dans votre centre de t&eacutel&egravechargement, vous y trouverez ...  </p>
<!-- on déclare un champs select, pour affichier la liste de choix -->
<label>Choisir Driver/Notice : </label>
<select name="prix" >
<option value=""> ----- Choisir ----- </option>
<option value="1" {if $smarty.post.prix == "1"}selected = "selected"{/if}>Driver</option>
<option value="2"> Notice </option>
<label>Choisir Cat&eacutegories : </label>
<select onchange="print_sous('sous', this.selectedIndex);" {if $smarty.post.category}selected = "selected"{/if} id="category" name ="category"></select>
<select onchange="print_sous('sous', this.selectedIndex);" id="category" name ="category"></select>
<label>Choisir Sous Cat&eacutegories : </label>
<select name ="sous" id ="sous"{if $smarty.post.sous}selected = "selected"{/if} ></select>
<script language="javascript">print_category("category");</script>

<!-- un bouton pour valider  -->
<p><input type="submit" id="SubmitValider" name="SubmitValider" class="button_large" value="Valider"></p>
<p> </p>
{if $message}<p class="confirmation">{$message}</p>{/if}
{if $prix}<p class="confirmation">{$prix}</p>{/if}
{if $category}<p class="confirmation">{$category}</p>{/if}
{if $sous}<p class="confirmation">{$sous}</p>{/if}

the DowController :

class DowControllerCore extends FrontController
    public $php_self = 'dow';
	public function postProcess()
		//On vérifie le bouton submit du formulaire
		//On récupère les valeurs du formulaire
		$message='Votre demande a bien été envoyée';

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