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is there a posibility to change a category description to plain text? Now when I add some text then it is added to <p></p>. I need this to xml products export(category description is exported in html tags).





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I have module to generate several xml files with products(for price comparison sites)... and in one of these I need to change category name to category description. I will show you a fragment of code:



private function generateCategoryPath() {
        $Categories = self::getCategories($this->_id_lang, false, false, 'AND c.`id_category` > 1');

        $Array = array();
        foreach ($Categories as $c) {
            $Array[$c['id_category']] = $c;
        foreach ($Array as $c) {
            $cParentId = $c['id_parent'];
            $pp = $c['name'];

            while ($cParentId) {
                if (isset($Array[$cParentId]['id_parent'])) {
                    $pp = $Array[$cParentId]['name'] . "/" . $pp;
                    $cParentId = $Array[$cParentId]['id_parent'];
                } else
                    $cParentId = 0;
            $Array[$c['id_category']]['path'] = $pp;


this is original code, when I change "name" to "desc", then the description is shown but with html tags.

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