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Add a button to BO - Order detail page

Teddy's Dad

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Hello all


I am new to module development in PS. I am trying to develop a custom module to print PDF invoices in a different way than what is provided and I am making good progress. There are two simple things I cannot seem to be able to do.


1 - In the order details page, I want to add a button next to "View Invoice" button as I have shown in attached screenshot 1, but for the life of me I cannot seem to be able to do it. Not even a text.


I have read almost all of the developers' guide and no luck yet. I thought the correct hook was "displayAdminOrder" using "function hookDisplayAdminOrder($params)", but that puts it under the customer info block.


2 - In order list page (see screenshot 2) I want to put a button near the top (I have marked this in the image)


Any idea which hook I should use?


Many thanks





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