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Multiple errors after upgrade to

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i have some errors after upgrading from 1.4.9 to


1, i can't update my translations, when i copy from default theme to my new themes. When i try to copy, it's disappear all my products, images, etc.... I need to restore all. My new theme is made with presta-theme-maker. I ask the theme-maker developer, but not answer. 


2. I have the errors on many pages, and always seem to be the same errors, at line 613 in file classes/db/Db.php

I attached one printscreen.



Edit: my webshop: http://www.plant-shop.ro/


Later edit: i discover, this error is only when someone is autenthicated. When just watching like visitors it's not give the error. The error page is: http://www.plant-shop.ro/toate-plantele-a-z/511-hibiscus-rosa-sinensis.html

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Thank you El Patron.

For 1. i get the answer from presta-theme-maker.

I need to ask my hosting provider for "they should unblock the restrictions of open_basedir. "

I hope this solution is good, because i needed to restore 3 times, all my files and database.

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