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How to get total orders of each t-shirt design


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We are a screen printing business and have an online store...I am having a hard time trying to gather information from our sale to see what shirts we need to order...right now what I have to do is go into the product detail for each shirt and then copy and paste the sales portion of each shirt.  If I use the CSV export this is what I come up with.


Color - Dark Heather  Size - Adult Small;0.0714285714286; Color - Dark Heather  Size - Adult Medium;0.142857142857; Color - Dark Heather  Size - Adult Large;0.285714285714; Color - Dark Heather  Size - Adult X-Large;0.357142857143; Color - Dark Heather  Size - Adult 2X-Large;0.0714285714286; Color - Dark Heather  Size - Adult 4X-Large;0.0714285714286;


Is there anyway I can change these figures?  What I need from this is how many of each size I need to order.  It should read

Small - 1

Medium - 2

Large - 4

X-large - 5

2XL - 1

4XL - 1


I have tried building something through Advanced Export Module, with out success, also tried through the  SQL Manager.   Here is a link to my webstore you see what I am trying to do.







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