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list all products under the root category page


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Hi, can someone show me how do put the product-list.tpl inside the foreach loop of subcategories inside category.tpl?


so that on front end, when I click the root category, it will shows all the products under that root category, but group by its sub-categories.



I did try to copy that product-list.tpl code and paste inside, but it doesn't seem to work, I believe i need to modify some variables.


please help, thanks,

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ok, I can list all the products on one page, but is there a way or setting to group by the sub-categories?


now i only see the top list all the sub-categories. and the bottom list all the products.


but I want to show one sub-category name , then list all the products for this sub-category.

then a line break, after that show the second sub-category name, and all its products, etc..

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