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Trying to setup shipping carrier and keep getting "There are no carriers that deliver" error!

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I was wondering if someone could explain to me why I keep getting the below error message during the checkout process for when you select shipping carriers.


The error is “There are no carriers that deliver to the address you selected.”


I have spent a lot of time already trying to search the Internet and double checking all of my options here.


My Goal is to charge flat rate shipping with U.S.P.S. for items under $25.00. I’ll be providing free shipping for items over $25.00. I’ll only be shipping to the United States in the North America zone only. I have checked through the zones and made sure North America is the only one enabled.


I’ve tried to keep my testing very simple and have checked all of the following:


  1. I have one shipping carrier enabled for First Class Mail.
  2. In my test product I’ve specified this carrier under the shipping option.
  3. I’ve done a generic range in the shipping locations and cost of the carrier to charge by price range. For testing purposes I’ve set the range for 0 – 25.00 to charge North America shipment $2.95.
  4. In the checkout I buy a product for 10 dollars expecting the price range to match up the $2.95 shipment cost.
  5. I then in step 4 receive the above message about no carriers being found.
  6. If I enable free shipping it will detect and work just fine. I am not sure why the free shipping will work, but I cannot set the dollar range.


Thanks again for any suggestions, I’ve got about 8 hours into this and am very desperate to find the answer.

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