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Taxes included for only one specific product?


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Hi There,


I was wondering if someone could give me guidance.  I have a monthly membership service on my website for purchase, as well as several other products that are regular, one-time purchases.


I have the monthly membership set up differently than the rest of the products (it can only be added to cart by itself, it uses a separate payment method for recurring payments, etc.).  Anyways, it seems like the monthly membership only integrates with Paypal properly if I have the "taxes included" setting selected.  This is fine, however I do not want the "taxes included" setting for the rest of the products.


Is there any way I can have a specific product be calculated using taxes included, while keeping the remainder of my products taxes excluded?  Currently this setting is only possible to change for entire groups.


Thanks in advance,



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Anyone have any ideas?  I'm dying here - for some reason the membership product coordinates with paypal properly if there is no tax charged or if group setting are set to "taxes included", but of course I would prefer taxes excluded because I don't like all my other products showing higher prices in the product list for my members. 

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