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Bug when downloading SupplyOrder Pdf


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Hello All,


I got the folowing message when downloading a pdf from supply order list.


( ! ) Notice: Undefined property: HTMLTemplateSupplyOrderForm::$order in //classes/pdf/HTMLTemplate.php on line 112



Regarding at the code, HTMLTemplateSupplyOrderForm is calling getLogo() but as it is not define in this class, is calling the parent function : HTMLTemplate::getLogo


But $this->order is not set in HTMLTemplateSupplyOrderForm as it is $this->supply_order which is define. And as it is proper to define an id_shop to order a supplier. id_shop is not define.


It seems to be a bug, but I'll like your help to be sure.


Last points, May someone can explain me why there is no address management for suppliers ? Or please drive me to find the way.


Best regards



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