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[Guide] How to reset PrestaShop under windows (wamp) from backup


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Hi there,


I decided to share a simple script for windows, where you can reset your PrestaShop installations to their defaults or your chosen state. With one click you restore PrestaShop files and database from backup.


1. Install your PrestaShop

2. Create DataBase backup from the PrestaShop admin.

3. Copy the all files and folders to other folder named "Backup".

4. Extract the backup-ed database in your Backup folder e.g backups/prestashop1562/admin123/backups/1390224721-215ff31d.sql db.zip - > 1390224721-215ff31d.sql db.sql

5. Create a .Bat file with notepad or something with the following code. (Modify the code to your needs)



copy "D:\My Documents\wamp\www\Backups\prestashop1562\admin123\backups\1390224721-215ff31d.sql"

rename 1390224721-215ff31d.sql db.sql

cd D:\My Documents\wamp\bin\mysql\mysql5.5.8\bin

mysql -u root -e "DROP database ps1562; create database ps1562"

mysql -u root ps1562 < d:\db.sql


rmdir "D:\My Documents\wamp\www\prestashop1562" /s /q

mkdir "D:\My Documents\wamp\www\prestashop1562"

xcopy "D:\My Documents\wamp\www\Backups\prestashop1562" "D:\My Documents\wamp\www\prestashop1562\" /E

del d:\db.sql

6. Test the script, if everything is fine, you are ready.



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