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I've been developing and customizing a prestashop site for the last two months and noticed a thing: there are a lot of issues on these forums that are duplicit, many users are repeating the same questions.


TLDR: these forums seem quite inefficient for solving problems: as a new presta developer,it takes quite some time to find solutions to most common issues and as a moderator, it is probably not so fun to always keep answering the same old questions.


The solution: a dedicated PrestaShop board on StackOverflow.


Drupal has one, so why not Presta? I've taken the liberty and commited it to Area51 of StackOverflow - if it gains traction we will all benefit - issues can be solved faster, rep system will mean less spam and more rewards for dedicated devs, and the automatic search before you post feature (you are offered possible solutions that have already been solved that are relevant to the topic you are just creating) will mean less duplicit content.


My opinion is that we would all win. Here is the link: http://area51.stackexchange.com/proposals/64059/prestashop?referrer=AcsfcKCyYhuwJqdyoTbUNw2

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