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[SOLVED] how to remove product name limitation


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Hi there peeps! The site I administer is currently using the ClassicShop theme but I have an issue with the front page and how the theme renders the product titles. 


Currently it displays a "..." if it deems the product title too long. Thing is, sometimes they aren't too long and it cuts part off part of the product title when it kinda doesn't need to.


Question is, how can I change this? 


To see what I mean, head over to www.zeliahorsley.com/shop and take a look at the top line of featured products...





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you ahve to modify product-list.tpl file and also other template files where the product name variable is included.


to remove these "cut off" option, remove |truncate modifier (with params) from product name variable.


unfortunately i don't know sources of this theme so i don't know WHAT EXACTLY you have to change and what line etc.

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