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After making some changes my website is messed up, please help!


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I was trying to make some changes in the header.tpl and footer.tpl file. I was trying to make it so my header would remain fixed at the top. It didn't work. I changed it back and my site was really messed up. I went and changed the files I edited with the original files and it still is messed up. I changed the template cache back, cleared my history, tried multiple browsers and the site is still scrambled. The columns should look like it does when you first install prestashop. (with brands and tags, center image slider, and stuff on the right). Also, maybe it was something I did in the last day or two that messed it up and I just didn't realize it because force compilation was off. But I don't know what I could have done to change all that. Im using Prestashop


Please help!


Thank you!

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