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Make order after payment in 1.5


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Hello all,


For some clients I am running Prestashop 1.4 and 1.5 websites. And it seems that in 1.4 the cart is not emptied when the payment process starts, so the order is made after the payment process. In 1.5 it seems that the order is made just before the payment process starts.


My client with 1.5 prefers if the order is not yet made before the payment is finished. This way the visitors can still select a different payment method when they close the current payment method (according to them, this happens a lot.) Now the visitor's cart will be emptied even if they didn't pay and their order will be 'expired' after a while.


Does anyone know a way to change this? Is there a module that can help for this?


Can I change the payment method to work like that? Or could I save the Cart ID in a session and reload it on page request or smth?


I hope someone can help us. Thanks in advance!




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