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Default e-mail address

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What's the default e-mail address? i mean that one in the beginning of installation.......i didn;t modify it and now i'm facing problems after deleting the "install" folder and renaming "admin" folder..........
LE: I finally got it but i don't know how can i connect to back office!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Please help

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The simplest way to generate a new password (for example “mypassword”) is as follows :

1/ Open /config/settings.inc.php and copy the COOKIE_KEY value, a string like :

2/ Open http://www.md5.fr or http://www.md5.cz and in the field, past the copied string immediately followed (without space) by your password :
Submit the form and copy the generated MD5 hash which is like :

3/ In your database, in the ps_employe table, locate the record that contains the e-mail address you want to use to connect to the BO, modify this record, and past the MD5 hash in the passwd field. Submit the form.

4/ Connect to the BO.

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