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[SOLVED]Adding Quantity Box to Check Out Page


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I would like to add a box to our check out page that would allow customers to type the exact quantity they desire.  Our page now has a + and - to increase/decrease the quantity, but that takes way too long for large amounts.  This, by the way, is really needed for donations.  We sell products as well as accept donations on our site.


I know that virtual products don't allow for the quantity box to be on the product page, but with the help of the tutorial from this topic: http://mypresta.eu/en/art/developer/prestashop-quantity-field-on-product-list.html, I was able to get the quantity boxes in the product list view.  That worked well, but whenever a customer clicks on one of the products, the box goes away.  Without being able it on the product page, I'm thinking that a box during check out would be OK.


Using PS


Thanks for your help on the matter!

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Nemo1,  no, I use a theme from Graphileom.  It was a free one, but I really like the way it matches our main website.  People will donate to us in all kinds of amounts and sometimes it can be a sizable amount, so hitting the + button would take too long 



Thanks for the reply :D

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Just a first quick remark: On the checkout page, it works already. Just click on the number an you get into an input field, where you can type in any number.

Maybe change the layout a little, so that it looks like an input field a little more:


in file:  /themes/thgr00027b/css/global.css (line 858)


.cart_quantity .cart_quantity_input {

    float: left;

    margin-left: 5px;

    width: 30px;                <-- make a little wider, change from 20px -> 30px

//    border: 1px solid #fff;   <-- comment out this line (add the //)

    padding: 3px;               <-- add these lines

    margin-top: -3px;

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filed a little wider 20px->30px (see edit history)
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