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Get customer email and total amount on order confirmation page


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I have decided to sing in for Trusted Shops program to make my customers feel more confident. In order to get this going i need to implement some functionalities. Every customer on my site can now after making payment and returning to my site have option to participate in safe transaction by pressing "sing in button". They refund a momeny if customer doesn't get a product. On order confirmation page they will see a "sign in" button which will send a form to their function on server. I need to provide en email of customer and total amount. I have some clue how this can be done but i definitely need help with code. 


I'm using prestashop  Is this can be done by calling  $cookie->email and $cart->totalamount in OrderConfirmationController.php and assigning them to variables and then send them to order confirmation page. My customers can pay through different payment modules but i've seen that in version of prestashop order-confirmation.tpl always includes order-finish.tpl so i guess i could put form with sing in button in it so it displays regardles which payment module is used when customer land on confirmation page.


Is this all can be done like this or..?




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