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Accepting BitCoin / Litecoin payments


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Hi all,


As you can tell from my post count I'm new to this forum so I'll get right into it.... I've been following the Bitcoin news a lot and think it's great to have a new currency and payment processing method, but I've stayed on the fence skeptical about it until Overpay claimed to make over $100,000usd in revenue, in a day, just by adding that payment option.


Then I read about a Bitcoin payment processor called http://www.gocoin.com, that according to a recent yahoo finance press release, says they will be accepting Bitcoin AND Litecoin currencies as payments, and will process them to USD or whatever currency.


So... Does anyone know how to integrate GoCoin into PrestaShop, or can point me in the right direction?


Thanks for any help!

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Thanks for the direction Benjamin. I see Bitpay is there, which could work for now, but they don't accept Litecoin payments =(

I'll have to ask around some more, maybe email the GoCoin team. If I am going to accept cryptocurrency payments I would like as many currencies as possible =b

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