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Problems with translation and new customer field

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I have some problems to get Prestashop running in way I need. First problem is with translations. I manage to make a translation working on my trial installation (local server is running on Linux with LAMP). When I moved this trial to on-line server most of the translations (cart summary, product detail etc.) are not translated at all. When I tryied to make a new one (using Tools > translation) it does not work. Simply I make a change click save and althought I get succesfull save message they are not saved indeed. When I go back to translation fields filled are empty. I was playing with directory and file permitions but even when I changed all files and dirs to 777 permition no success.

Another problem is that I need to keep some additional information about the customer. So I found a link on this forum how to add new fields when the customer is registrating. Unfortunately this is not working either. When a registrating form is submiting I get an message: “Hack attempt (Customer -> telefon is empty)”. Where telefon is the name of the new field. Probably I made some misstype but I have checked it ten times and I don’t see any problem. You can check file’s in attachement. I could not add a authentication.tpl file so I renamed to authenticationTPL.txt

I have tried find solution on this forum but without any success.

My dead line to start a on-line shop is really close and I need to have it running desparately. So please if anyone knows what to do with these problems I’ll apreciate any help very much. Thank you very much.




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I just found this behavior concerning translations. When I use /themes/prestashop/lang/cs.php from my local installation and replace one in on-line installation the FO is using this file and the translation is OK. But as soon I do some changes in BO (in online version) the file get's to previous version without my translation. Why it is behaving this way? Well as soon I can make translation on local installation and copy apropriate file. This is the minor problem.

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