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Show only allowed vouchers for product on cart summary


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Hello and sorry if this has already been answered, but i haven't found anything so far...


I am using PS and i want to associate gifts to some products, For example, if you buy a certain product, you get a free case, and only for that product.


I want that voucher to be visible on the cart so that the user can select the one he wants.

Then i create a voucher and associate it to a single product, and mark it as highlighted. The problem is that it's shown in every product, then if you try to use it in a non allowed product, it displays an error.


So i want that only allowed products show these highlighted vouchers, so i would need some variable or function to add some code at shopping-cart.tpl where vouchers are listed. I guess i have to use something from CartRule.php but no idea.


I don't know if the problem is clear but i need it urgently :(


Thanks in advance.

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