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Hi guys,


I need to modificate the home page of prestashop 1.5.4 and introduce a previous home page, something like a bridge home page. It will be like a previous front page with a custom image slider, some pics, banners, promotional text and stuff.. it should include the head and footer of prestashop, with the menu, in order to make posible to the user an easy access to the rest of the website.


Once inside the catalog, this "pre home page" will not be accesible by any link.


I have builded a custom page and created a url in the SEO&URL section, it is accesible only tipping the url in the box of the web browser... is done but need to make it accesible by default, I dont know how to set this page as default home page..


Another posibility whould be to rename de original home page of prestashop to something like "domain.com/home/" and maybe could use a rule in the .htcaccess with a redirection of "domain.com" to "domain.com/custom_home_page".. but I rewrited the index friendly url in SEO&URL section with no succes...


Also I thougth if a custom module could make this more easily but I dont know if is the best strategy, is my first full prestashop mod and need some help on this.



Thanks to all :)


PD: Sorry if I failed on english, not native :P

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