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Another phone required problem.


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I am using prestashop, currently closed for maintenance. I have a problem with phone required field. My problem is not with the mobile phone field, i changed the option in backoffice for customer account from yes to no and vice versa. I changed the options from standard to five steps checkout as I saw suggested in other topic but that does not seems to be my case. I did it about twenty times, cleared the cache many times also, tried many combinations but it keeps asking for phone. That is not such a problem because I found the field in the css file and added a * in front of it, but it is only for the registration form. My problem is when I try to checkout with guest account, in the form there is only mobile phone field required to fill, and it is impossible to checkout. Is there any way to solve that problem because I will definitely loose more of my clients as I know that less people make orders with account registering?

Thank You in advance


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