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PS site that doesnt sell products but book services

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Has anyone succeded to build a PS site that doesnt sell products but book services. For example, baby sitter agency site, or talent agency site, or modeling agency site where employers searches and finds employees in PS made site so for that finding service employees should upload their own profiles to be searchable in the site. So to be registered as member employees have to pay for site membership annually.

Has anybody achieved doing similar? Or can that be achieved using PS?


I need a PS modules or theme that functions as Talent Agency - or actor agency or employment agency -  Basically it will function as booking people, not buying products.

Is there such theme and modules?

Or is it impossible?





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this is very possible, each service is a product.


you would need to determine how the product is prices using combination (hours) etc.\


if you need to schedule a finite resource then you will need a special module that supports buying  product with time constraints etc.


I suggest getting a ps running say on a subdomain in your existing hosting account so you can experiment with it and then ask more questions here on the forum.

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