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[Solved] New to presta and already have a problem

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First of all, hello everyone!
I've just started using prestashop and I'm quite new to php,mysql and things like that.
I decided that the first step in creating an online shop should be on your local drive so i downloaded easyphp and afterwards i started installing presta but at step 3 i encountered " Database Server is available but database is not found."
i sincerly don't know what to do because i searched through easyphp for phpmyadmin but the object is not found!

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I have not used easyphp. ...But I think the method is as follow

Click to start Apache and MSQLserver on Easyphp panel....the click on the "E" logo follow by Administration CTRL+A which will bring you to the Easyphp administration page. Then you click on PHPMYADMIN which should open up your phpmyadmin page where you will create your database


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