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modificación del dominio ssl / Domain modification ssl

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Hello, I wonder if esiste the possibility to modify the ssl domain address my provider offers me a ssl domain pointing to my root Carperter but not my domain with https: / / before it is another domain.

which would have to modify the domain so that when I activate ssl redirect correctly.

a greeting.


http://www.midominio.com would have to be https: / / www.midominio.com but is https: / / midominiocom.sserver.es /

greetings to all, thanks.
sorry for the bad English

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Hello mirtecaina,

So if i understand correct, you have a domain name now that is https://midominiocom.sserver.es and the ssl certificate is connected to this domain name.
So you want to change the domain name to http://www.midominio.com and that your existing ssl certificate works with your new domain name ( correct ?? )
If that is the case then your not lucky, the SSL certificate only works with the domain where it is registered to, so you can`t transfer the SSL certificate to your new domain name http://www.midominio.com.
You need to buy a new SSL certificate then.


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thanks for your answer but not exactly.

I have a domain that is "http://www.midominio.com"

when I enable SSL on prestashop I get redirected to "https: / /www.midominio.com"

but my service provider gives me the possibility of free ssl certificate used at "https: / /midominiocom.sserver.es /" pointing to the folder of my domain.

instead of using my domain steering "https: / /www.midominio.com"

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Please write only in English in this forum section. Multilingual topics/posts are not allowed.


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