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Hardcode add on "Vat included" and "excl. Shipping" after each price in list and Detail view. 1.5.5


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Dear Presta Community,


first of all i want to wish you a good start to the new year.


My Question to you:


I want to make my shop secure for german law. There are several things needed. I know there is a module for this called "Germanext". Problem is that my shop has a lot of modifications that does not fit with that module so i have to code it myself.


In the first step i want to add a text under each price of product detail and product list view that says: "Vat included" and "excl. Shipping"


See Screenshot.


The basic for this should be found in product.tpl and product-list.tpl.


Now my Question: Does anybody have an idea on how this could be done or maybe did before??


Thanx a lot for your help in advance.





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