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What hook should be used to run script when combinations tab on product edit page is loaded


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And I need to add a line of html code to 'combinations' tab on product edit page, using a module.


I couldn't find any specific hooks in template/controllers/products/combinations.tpl So I decided to add this line dynamically, using jQuery.


As a temporary solution, I used displayAdminProductsExtra hook in the module. And I have a script inside included .tpl, that hides extra tab on the left and adds the reuired line to 'combinations' tab.


Obviously, this is not the best solution. First of all, it takes 1-2 seconds to load the extra tab contents, so the tab on the left is hidden with delay. Second, this way just doesn't look right.


So my question is: what would be the best way to run a script when 'combinations' tab is loaded?

If there is any better way to add a line of html code to 'combinations' tab, it would be even better:)

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