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Displaying the Product Condition


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I've searched a fair bit but to no avail. After several hours I give up and hope someone can help me out here.



Problem: Can't display the Condition Variable (Used/New) of the product on the Order Page (1st and 5th step of buying the product) nor in the Email


Description: I've managed to display the Condition Variable on the product page, but since the variable is not loaded on the Order page, I fail to display it.


What I know so far:
For the mail, under
module -> mailalerts -> mailalerts.php -> somewhere around line 403 or so I need to add '{condition}' = >
but I'm not sure how to retrieve the variable.


as for the confirmation page, I just couldn't find where the variables for $products get loaded from :/


Reason: Am from Austria, if I don't display Condition variable: "Used" on the Order Page and Conf Mail, then the Buyer has the right to return the product because: "It didn't say anywhere that it was used". Sadly the law is always on the consumers side, hence why I have to display it everywhere.

Please help,
Thank you ahead of time ^^

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