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Can someone please tell me what is the file /mails/en/download-product.tpl for? why and where is it used.


What I am trying to do is customize the prestashop as such that when virtual product is bought, there is not download link provided anywhere in the email or backoffice, so the customers cannot have access to the file. Instead the file will appear in the app that they will download.


So if someone can point me at all the files possible where the download links will be provided so I can update them.


Thanks for your help

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This file is used to send the customer an email when they place an order.  It will contain a link for them to download the file



The customer can also see a link in their order detail page from their My Account pages



You should also edit the GetFileController, in the event the customer is familiar with Prestashop and knows how to construct the download link.



Those are the most obvious places, but there may be others.  you'll just need to do some leg work

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