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Increment a counter on new order


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Hello everyone,


I wanna increment a counter on every order in my module.


I tried to hook newOrder but it seems that when i order a product by credit card (VADS module or Paypal) the counter does not increment.


So i searched on the official documentation and i found the hook actionPaymentConfirmation which will be executed anytime the order status is changed to "Payment Accepted". But i doesn't wan't it.


actionValidateOrder is newer than newOrder but it's apparently the same.


And OrderConfirmation is not a solution because it's a hook on confirmation page and users doesn't pass necessarily through this page.


So what can i use to increment a counter on order creation ?


Sorry for my bad english  -_-


Thanks by advance,


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Anything that extends ObjectModel in PrestaShop automatically gets hooks for Create Read Update and Delete (CRUD) operations.




Two hooks are ran here:


  • actionObjectAddBefore is executed and passed the object. This is so you can hook ALL objects being added to the database generically.
  • actionObject{$class}AddBefore is executed after and passed the object. This is so you can hook on objects of a specific type, in your case 'Order'

Try registering for the hook "actionObjectOrderAddAfter" which should be called after every order is added. The order may not be validated etc. I am unsure of that.




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